Ecological and aesthetic

As Fair&Precious timber is naturally resistant to external, aesthetic and ecological aggressions, it is an ideal solution for the creation of terraces, swimming pool areas and other outdoor installations.

Original and singular

Fair&Precious species offer a wide range of intense colours that cannot be found in European species. This provides them with a genuine uniqueness and aesthetic qualities that are highly sought, which contribute to their reputation in sectors such as furniture, carpentry, cabinetmaking and decorations.

Durable and stable

Fair&Precious species offer many technical benefits: mechanical strength, durability, workability, stability, etc. They have exceptional properties that naturally meet the requirements of all types of uses, without the need for any modification or treatment.

Resistant and machinable

As Fair&Precious timber is naturally resistant to external aggressions, it is an exceptional building material due to its advanced mechanical properties and unrivalled durability. No other alternatives are able to withstand highly extreme temperature variations, bad weather and even immersion (for some varieties).