An agricultural engineer, and a graduate of both Bordeaux Sciences Agro (National School of Agricultural Engineering) and Montpellier’s Ecole Supérieure d’AgronomieTropicale (National Institute of Further Education in Agricultural Science), Benoît Jobbé-Duval has 15 years of experience working in research and development in tropical environments, in Cambodia, Guatemala, Mexico and especially in Africa, with eight years spent between Gabon and the Ivory Coast. Throughout all of these years, he worked with CIRAD’s sustainable crops unit.

He is more than familiar with the timber processing industry, thanks to his active involvment in various associations in Spain and at the European level, in areas relating primarily to quality, training, marketing and the regulation of timber products in the infrastructure and construction sectors.

An excellent communicator with a unifying spirit and solid experience contributing to many R&D projects financed by various donors (French Development Agency, African Development Bank, World Bank), he knows how to generate catalysts for complex projects. He joined ATIBT in early 2016.