The ALPI S.P.A Group, founder of the ALPICAM Group, is a company with private and family capital created in Italy in 1918 by PIETRO ALPI.


The group specializes in the production of wooden veneers using an exclusive technique for manufacturing a new material: recomposed wood.

ALPI expanded throughout the world and established itself in Cameroon in 1975, in the form of a Limited Liability Company (SARL) under Cameroonian law.

Its 3 large local companies are: Alpi Pietro et fils Cameroun SARL, the Log Company of Cameroon (Grumcam) and Alpicam Industries SARL. The latter today specializes in the production of finished 3rd processing products for international export.

Its activities: logging, processing and export of logs and sawing.

Its products: veneer, plywood, sliced ​​and cut.

Its markets: Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Tunisia, Senegal, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Argentina, Russia, England, Belgium.

The concessions were certified sustainable management by the FSC in 2023. They total 353,388 ha, and are made up of UFA 10051, 10053, 10026 and 10023.

Certified Operator Fair&Precious