Implementing programmes that combat poaching

Poaching has put many animals on the endangered list. We work to prevent it through education and policing.

SDG Correspondence

This Fair&Precious commitment meets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 15

Goal 15: Life on land

"In Africa, commercial poaching and subsistence hunting by local village communities often take place in logging concessions. The sustainability of these practices must be addressed through management plans designed by logging companies aiming to be certified for good management practices by recognized authorities such as the Forest Stewardship Council"
(Vermeulen et al., 2009)



  • The “bushmeat crisis” is a problem of unmanaged common resources being unsustainably harvested because of inadequate governance and policy frameworks (Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, 2009).
  • Logging companies [under sustainable forest management] are subjected to development standards integrating in a more or less detailed form the 'wildlife' component in their forest management activities (Bastin & Marechal, 2008).

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