Rougier Gabon: Certified Operator FAIR&PRECIOUS

Rougier Gabon

Rougier has been established in Gabon since 1952, and through its Gabonese subsidiaries, manages nearly 880,000 ha of forest,  with log production of 300,000 m³  per year.


Rougier Gabon employs around 1,500 people. In line with its policy of responsible forestry management, it implements management plans in all of its concessions.

These address three levels of commitment: preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, social development of workers and their families and respect for local populations and traditional forestry practices.

The approach is a genuine management tool, resulting in harvesting that does not affect the forest’s regeneration capacity (the average harvest is one to two trees per ha every 25 years).

Certified Operator Fair&Precious