Stimulating the economies of producer countries by enhancing the value of the forest and favouring the local processing of timber

The forest that pays is the forest that stays. By improving the economic performance of tropical forest businesses and encouraging local timber processing, we incentivize tropical forest maintenance.

SDG Correspondence

This Fair&Precious commitment meets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals # 1, # 9 and # 10

Goal 1: No poverty Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

"It (SFM in forestry settlements) can also provide a medium-term incentive for the development of more sustainable forest management practices outside the project area, based on knowledge transfer and the progressive establishment of fair trade in timber, as well as higher prices paid to local producers on the legal market"
(Burivalova et al., 2017)



"Certified forests also provide more economic benefits to communities compared to non-FSC forests"
(Kalonga et al., 2015)


  • Forest certification bodies, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), intend to promote sustainable forest management through recognition and certification of responsible practice with certificates that can be used to obtain product price premiums and improved market access (Burivalova et al., 2017).
  • Even without taken the higher level of ecosystem services into account, RIL is preferable (compared to CL) solely from a commercial long-term business point of view (Arets & Veeneklaas, 2014).
  • Forest certification was found to indirectly enhance log pricing. It serves as a catalyst for amendments to the timber marketing system by sorting species into user-oriented species groups (Lagan et al., 2007).
  • Sales of logs by auction indicate that buyers do offer premium prices for certified logs by a margin of 51 USD per cubic meter which is equivalent to a price increase of 44% as compared to uncertified logs (Lagan et al., 2007).


 "The financial benefits of FSC tend to outweigh the costs. On average, the companies earned an extra US$1.80 for every cubic metre of FSC certified roundwood or equivalent, over and above any new costs, due to price premiums, increased efficiency, and other financial incentives"
(Breukink et al., 2015)

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