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You want to contribute to the preservation of tropical forests.
You appreciate the qualities of timber, a natural material of the highest quality.

Forest managers that carry the Fair&Precious brand are the custodians of the protection of both plants and wildlife in tropical environments and the protagonists of an economic model that favours the local processing of forest products.

The conversion of natural forests into plantations or agricultural areas is a threat to both climate and biodiversity. Sustainable forest management can preserve these ecosystems, while providing indigenous peoples with tangible services in terms of housing, care and education.

The timber sector is the second largest employer in the Congo Basin countries.

The development of timber processing activities in production areas helps to combat the rural exodus and economic emigration.

Buying FSC or PEFC-PAFC certified timber helps to encourage a sustainable industry.

In addition, it also means buying an exceptional natural material whose ecological impact cannot be matched.

The species selected for terraces, for example, are naturally resistant and do not require any chemical treatment.

You will therefore be able to simultaneously combine the purchase of a personal favourite with a responsible purchase, with the result being optimal comfort.

While demanding either FSC or PEFC-PAFC certified timber that meets Fair&Precious' commitments.

"The Fair&Precious programme to promote sustainable management within tropical forests is supported by the German Cooperation with COMIFAC (KfW - BMZ Fund) and the French Development Agency (PRCC)."

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Olman Serrano, President ATIBT

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