The Manifesto

Fair&Precious, a collective brand  that  relies on international forest management  certification and regulation to steer buyers toward tropical timber companies that are committed to a sustainable development approach.

FAIR&PRECIOUS recommends the FSC® and PEFC-PAFC tropical forest management environmental protection labels.


Fair&Precious, Who's behind it?

The Fair&Precious brand was created at the initiative of the ATIBT (Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux – International Tropical Timber Technical Association), which strives to serve the sector, from the tropical timber forest to the final consumer.

ATIBT is the leading reference in terms of technical expertise and the regulation of tropical timber’s commercial uses. Its mission is to promote the development of a tropical timber sector that is sustainable, ethical and legal. ATIBT has a little over a hundred members, which include:

  • the bearers of the brand: tropical timber producers, processors, traders and distributors,
  • the promoters of the brand: service providers in the public and private sector, from major clients to architecture firm, including small and medium-sized companies.

FAIR&PRECIOUS Manifesto: Who's behind it?

Fair&Precious, What is it?

Fair&Precious is a collective and collaborative brand created by ATIBT and its members that is committed to a certification and sustainable management approach in the tropical timber sector.

Fair&Precious companies affirm their adherence to strict environmental standards and they allocate significant budgets to ensure of their compliance (verified by audits that are conducted by independent bodies). The carriers and the promoters of the brand intend to build a strong dynamic that allows them to act effectively in favour of know-how and appropriate behaviour. Best practices and respect must take precedence over all other considerations, in order to favour the optimal ways to live together, and thus encourage harmony between humans, as the world doesn’t lack wonders, it lacks wonder!

FAIR&PRECIOUS Manifesto: What is it?

Fair&Precious, Why?

For Fair&Precious companies, dialogue and respect for others are fundamental values, which is why they are working on a day-to-day basis in the field to ensure that human development is in harmony with the forest.

By creating the Fair&Precious collective brand, ATIBT and its members want to demonstrate that they are fully committed to a CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach that includes major environmental criteria, the respect of local populations and communities, the preservation of ecosystems and the protection of species. Also, carriers and promoters of the brand believe in the emergence of a more human economy, one that protects mankind and nature, a relocated and relocating economy.

FAIR&PRECIOUS Manifesto: Why?

Fair&Precious, With whom?

ATIBT works with many partners: States, communities, funders, certification bodies, NGOs, associations, unions, research centres and universities. These partners are actively involved in the promotion and the dissemination of the brand and, as such, they are an integral part of the Fair&Precious community.

ATIBT is also supported by individual members who act on their own behalf for the development and promotion of an ethical, legal and sustainable tropical timber supply chain. The objective of the Fair&Precious brand is to draw end users towards an environmentally friendly and responsible material, so that they are “responsible consumers” who act in full awareness of their impacts and take responsibility accordingly.

FAIR&PRECIOUS Manifesto: With Whom?

Fair&Precious, For whom?

Fair&Precious companies want to shape a new way of doing business. They are aware that “super-consumption” must gradually disappear in favour of more qualitative and participatory ways of doing things. Fair&Precious advocates “positive activism” that aims to take alternative directions that are respectful of mankind and the planet.

The idea is to protect them from certain forms of militant actions, often part of a confrontational approach whose impact is both distorted and counterproductive. The will of Fair&Precious is to redevelop solidarity-based behaviours that are both intercontinental and intra-continental as well as intergenerational and intercultural. By creating a strong timber industry, Fair&Precious companies participate in solidarity-based economic and social growth that is conducive to the well-being of those who live in production areas, by providing them with a large number of services, such as education, medical care and housing.

FAIR&PRECIOUS Manifesto: For Whom?

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