Use certified tropical timber

Let's be committed actors in the socio-economic valuation of the tropical forest, the fight against deforestation and global warming, as well as the preservation of fauna and flora.
Let's use an exceptionally durable material. Let's use tropical timber with the FSC and PEFC-PAFC forest certification labels.



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28 août 2020 : Réunion suivi de projet ADEFAC (ATIBT-RIFFEAC)

28 août 2020 : Réunion suivi de projet ADEFAC (ATIBT-RIFFEAC)

7 et 8 septembre 2020 : Produrable 2020 - Paris

7 et 8 septembre 2020 : Produrable 2020 - Paris

15-16 septembre 2020 : 10th China Global Wood Trade Conference(Xian, China)

15-16 septembre 2020 : 10th China Global Wood Trade Conference(Xian, China)

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Species Highlights


Abura tropical timber is used for: "Structures and panels", "Exterior joinery (building facade)" and "Miscellaneous uses (Turnery, cutlery and brushmaking, Sculptures, Packing and crating)"

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Use Highlights

Structures and Panels

As tropical timber is naturally resistant, aesthetically pleasing and ecological, it is the logical choice for structural timber and panels.

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The Fair&Precious brand was created on the initiative of the ATIBT (Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux - International Tropical Timber Technical Association), which strives to serve the sector, from the tropical forest to the final consumer.

Fair&Precious is a collective and collaborative brand created by ATIBT and its members. It is committed to a certification and sustainable management approach in the tropical timber sector.

For Fair&Precious companies, dialogue and respect for others are fundamental values, which is why they are working day-to-day in the field to ensure that human development is in harmony with the forest.

km2 of certified forests in the Congo Basin (Fair&Precious companies)
direct jobs in the Congo Basin (Fair&Precious companies)
indirect jobs in the Congo Basin (Fair & Precious enterprises), estimate


ATIBT works with many partners: states, communities, funders, certification bodies, NGOs, associations, unions, research centres and universities. These partners are actively involved in the promotion and dissemination of the brand and are an integral part of the Fair&Precious community.

Fair&Precious companies want to shape a new way of doing business. They are aware that “super-consumption” must give way to more qualitative and participatory approach. Fair&Precious advocates “positive activism”, taking alternative directions that are respectful of mankind and the planet.


Official Partners

Olman Serrano, President ATIBT


Do you want forest resources to be preserved?
Do you want to contribute to helping local populations and to protect the fauna and flora?
Do you want to help us promote a sustainable material with exceptional qualities?

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