Brand usage rules

1. Definition of the brand Fair&Precious

Fair&Precious is a collective brand based on international forest management certifications and regulations, to guide the buyers towards tropical wood industries’ companies who are committed to sustainable development and the preservation of forest resources.

2. Brand property

The collective brand Fair&Precious, represented by its logo « Fair&Precious » is ATIBT’s property (International Tropical Timber Technical Association), located at the 45 Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle, 94736 Nogent-sur-Marne – France.

This trademark was registered at the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI-Paris) as a semi-figurative brand on the 17/01/2017 under number 2017-02-10 (BOPI 2017-06) in the Nice Classification: 19; 35; 37; 40; 41.

3. Brand stakeholders

  • The ATIBT is the owner of the brand.
  • The forest managers certified in sustainable management are those who carry the brand.
  • The processors, merchants, importers, buyers/prescribers, service companies, are the commercial partners of the brand.
  • The States, donors, NGO, unions and associations are the institutional partners of the brand.
  • Research institutes, universities and schools are the technical and scientific partners.
  • Individual partners are those who adhere in their own name to the brand values.

4. Commitments of the brand

  • Manage and protect forests to fight against global warming.
  • Preserve the forest resource by harvesting less than the natural increase.
  • Develop knowledge on biodiversity to facilitate the repopulation of species.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the living space of the fauna.
  • Implement programs to combat environmental crime on fauna and flora.
  • Contribute to the well-being of populations by facilitating access to education, care and housing.
  • Stimulate the economy of producing countries by enhancing the value of the forest and favouring the local processing of timber.
  • Establish training programmes in forestry and timber trades.
  • Provide technical knowledge on the diversity of tropical species and their uses.
  • Promote the responsible purchase of an exceptional material.

5. Criteria for brand usage permission

  • For the certified “sustainable management” logging companies: for a forest manager to use the Fair&Precious brand, he needs to adhere before to the ATIBT and to be a control process’ holder accredited by the Executive Board, such as a “sustainable management” forest certification.
  • For the commercial, institutional, technical, scientific and individual partners: they need to formally adhere to the Fair&Precious 10 commitments.

6. Granting and withdrawal procedure for the brand use

The Executive Board examines the level of requirement of the forest certifications and other rules and control procedures’ adequacy demanded for the Fair&Precious brand.

This Executive Board meets twice a year and is composed by forest managers, international organisations, scientific and technical experts and representatives of producer States.

It has the right to withdraw the brand use. In the case of a certification organisation, this withdraw will then be collective. In the case of a forest manager, it will be individual. In both cases, the withdraw will be motivated by a voluntary deterioration of their practices regarding the environment, social, economic or regulatory domains.

7. Brand usage right’s duration

For the ones who carry the brand, the license contract lasts for an indefinite period if:

  • The organisation in charge of the certification control is still accepted by the Executive Board.
  • No individual withdrawal has been carried out by the Executive Board because of a voluntary deterioration of their practices regarding the environment, social, economic o regulatory domains.

Concerning the partners, the partnership agreement lasts for an indefinite period as well, but terminable at any time by any part, particularly by the ATIBT Executive board in the case of a failure to comply with the brand philosophy and ethics.

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