Preserving forest resources by harvesting less than is naturally grown

By harvesting fewer trees than grow and supporting natural regeneration and replanting, we maintain tropical forests for our children.

SDG Correspondence

This Fair&Precious commitment meets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 15

Goal 15: Life on land

"Sustainability of timber harvesting means harvesting not more than the annual growth. Sustainable harvesting is a measure of economic viability and a criterion for ensuring self-sufficiency and profitable returns"
(Lagan et al., 2007)



"FSC succeeds in halting (tropical) deforestation"
(Di Girolami & Arts, 2018)


  • Sustainable forest management is based on methods that jeopardize neither future harvests of forest products nor future benefits of environmental services (Putz, 1994).
  • Certification has the potential to improve weak normative frameworks that allow the unsustainable use of forests (Cerutti et al., 2010).
  • The strict application of reduced-impact logging and the establishment of an HCVF with an appropriate contiguity and area within a commercial forest reserve are definitely two effective measures to protect the physical environment, flora, fauna and interactions while producing timber (Lagan et al., 2007).

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Françoise van de Ven, President ATIBT


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