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Thanks to Fair&Precious, the sale of tropical timber is also a responsible effort.
Fair&Precious brings together certified tropical forest managers and recommends the purchase of FSC and PEFC-PAFC certified timber.

These products, which come from natural forest basins and are managed in a sustainable manner, guarantee the protection of biodiversity, efforts against poaching, actions in favour of indigenous populations and the development of processing in producing countries.

A responsible purchase, of course, but it's also a purchase that results in unbeatable satisfaction and comfort. Certified tropical timbers are selected for specific uses.

The sector supports you in your selection of products that you will offer to customers.

This material is natural in essence and usually does not require any chemical treatment whatsoever. It is time to re-establish the rightful importance of tropical timber, without overstatement but with fairness and professionalism, to satisfy consumers and ensure the sustainability of a responsible sector that is also the second largest employer in the Congo Basin countries.

As a militant and socially-minded company, become a partner of the Fair&Precious brand and offer your customers FSC and PEFC-PAFC certified timber.

"The Fair&Precious programme to promote sustainable management within tropical forests is supported by the German Cooperation with COMIFAC (KfW - BMZ Fund) and the French Development Agency (PRCC)."

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