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Whether you are an architect, project manager, construction, furniture or shipbuilding industry professional, Fair&Precious forest managers invite you to (re)discover an exceptional material.

FSC® and PEFC-PAFC certified tropical timber provides all of the guarantees you need in terms of quality, traceability and respect for the environment.

A variety of species has been specifically identified by the timber industry for each application. 

Timber from certified tropical forest concessions complies with strict specifications for the preservation of the resource. Comparative analysis with other materials, such as metals or plastics, also highlights the benefits of timber, as it stores CO2 and is totally recyclable.

Certified tropical timbers combine comfort, warmth and aesthetic appeal and meet consumers environmental concerns. We communicate our values to them and tell them how our operations protect biodiversity, combat poaching and promote economic development in producing countries.

The purchase of certified tropical timber is a responsible purchase - and its use is a genuine pleasure.

We urge you to support this sector, in your companies, among your customers and by becoming a partner of the Fair&Precious brand.

"The Fair&Precious programme to promote sustainable management in tropical forests is supported by the German Cooperation with COMIFAC (KfW - BMZ Fund) and the French Development Agency (PRCC)."

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Françoise van de Ven, President ATIBT


Do you want forest resources to be preserved?
Do you want to contribute to helping local populations and to protect the fauna and flora?
Do you want to help us promote a sustainable material with exceptional qualities?

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