Become a Fair & Precious partner

Do you worry about the future of tropical forests?


  • You want forest resources to be preserved.
  • You wish to contribute to helping local populations and to protect the fauna and flora.
  • You want to help us promote a sustainable material with exceptional qualities.


Become a Fair & Precious Partner


  • Because Fair & Precious forest managers are certified*
    in legal and sustainable forest management.
  • Because Fair & Precious is the only program that offers a sustainable alternative to preserve forest resources in the Congo Basin.
  • Because Fair & Precious forest managers are committed to working toward local economic and social development.
  • Because Fair & Precious forest managersset up controlled programmes against poaching and the restocking of species.
  • Finally, it is important to restore confidence among tropical timber users and to promote the acquisition of products from sustainably-managed tropical forests.
*certifications issued by FSC, PEFC and controlled by independent bodies


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