News  |  10.04.2020

Emotions in the wild

Getaway in the Gabonese forest

Images that take us deep into the Gabonese forest with Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Aardvarks, Duikers, Forest Elephants and many more… a real journey from his couch!

This way to immersion!

The initiative for this delightful short film came from the Inventory to Wildlife Management Plan (IWMP) project team, which aims to develop standardized and replicable approaches to ensure sustainable wildlife management in certified forests.

More specifically, the project is divided into 3 parts:

  • To develop an innovative, efficient and replicable wildlife inventory method based on camera traps;
  • Develop a technical guide accessible to concessionaires, describing best practices for wildlife management in logging concessions;
  • Assess the conservation potential of certified concessions in comparison with other land uses (protected areas, village territory).

Since the beginning of the Project in October 2018, two field missions have enabled to collect part of the data associated with Components 1 and 3 which will be valorized through scientific publications currently being written. These missions also made it possible to identify the needs for expertise and training necessary to use camera traps as an inventory tool within the partner concessions (Pallisco and Precious Woods). On this basis, a methodological toolbox is being produced illustrating the different stages of using this technology from the preparation of the material in the office to the production of standard results for the manager.

As for the guide (component 2), it will consist of some fifteen technical data sheets and a model Wildlife Management Plan canvas. It is intended to be as operational as possible for forest concessions wishing to embark on a certification process or to improve their wildlife monitoring.

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