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The Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the ATIBT were held on 25 June

In view of the unprecedented situation, the holding of these two events was innovative. Indeed, to adapt to health regulations, they were held via Webinar.


The Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the ATIBT were held on 25 June


The Board took place in the morning, at 10:00 a.m.

The GA was opened at 3pm and had 50 member participants present and represented, validating the quorum.

The agenda included the following topics:

  • President’s Report
  • 2019 Activity Report and 2020 Outlook
  • Treasurer’s Financial Report 2019 and Auditor’s Report and approval of the accounts 2019 and budget 2020
  • Renewal of ATIBT directors
  • Status of the work of the Scientific Commissions and Scientific Council
  • Status of ATIBT projects
Olman SERRANO, President of ATIBT, recalled the fundamentals of the Association, its mission, its challenges and how the association tends to respond to them. With Benoit JOBBE-DUVAL, director of ATIBT, they both highlighted the key events of 2019. The Shanghai forum was the flagship event of 2019 co-organized with CTWPDA and GGSC and allowed, among other things, the signing of a collaborative partnership between ATIBT and CTWPDA and an inter-union agreement between UFIGA and UFIAG.

M ROUGERON, treasurer of the association, presented the main characteristics of the functioning of the entities of the association, and the financial aspects.

The floor was given to the new members so that they could introduce themselves and express themselves.

In the last part, the ATIBT team was able to report on the progress of activities:

  • Marketing Commission

Chaired by Olman SERRANO, the commission met 3 times in 2019 and has an average of 17 members. One more year, the commission focused on the sustainable and responsible development of the “African tropical timber” sector and continued the deployment of the “Fair&Precious” brand.

  • Forest and Industry Commission

Its president, Nicolas BAYOL, and its secretary, Jacqueline LARDIT VAN DE POL, leads this commission notably around the questions of secondary species, rare species (CITES) and the renewal of the management plans for the second rotation.

  • Certification Commission

The commission was launched on 13 February 2019, during a first meeting in Nogent-sur-Marne with Nicolas PERTHUISOT and Sophie DIROU (co-chairs) and Caroline DUHESME (secretary).

  • Training Commission

The chairman of this commission is Mr Patrick CHARPENTIER. In 2019, this commission participated in the emergence of the ADEFAC project with AFD and RIFFEAC.

  • Technical Commission

Emmanuel GROUTEL chairs this commission. During the meeting held on 14 January 2020, it was recalled that this commission is the business of all professionals in the timber sector and that technical aspects are a major focus of the ATIBT.

  • Scientific Council

Its chairman, Jean-Louis DOUCET, leads this important group on fundamental scientific issues in the sector.


  • ADEFAC, which started in June 2020 for 5 years.
  • PAFC, of which a forum was held in November 2019 on the development of standards.
  • FLEGT REDD CERTIFICATION, which end in October 2020.
  • Marketing programme, around the Fair&Precious umbrella brand. 
  • Technical projects including the DRYADES project

See the visual presentation

See the 2019 activity report


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