News  |  10.07.2020

Palaver around the trees: discussions about their intelligence to the drifts of anthropomorphism

Jean-Louis Doucet, president of the scientific commission of the ATIBT released an article online on July 2, 2020. Here is the abstract and the links to read it.


Palaver around the trees


The intelligence of trees is an issue that fascinates people in urban areas. It is the subject of passionate debate between forest sector stakeholders. This article aims to objectify this debate by synthesizing recent knowledge on the subject. It shows that trees can communicate with each other, either via volatile molecules or via underground exchanges, in particular through a mycorrhizal network. Trees can also perceive light and sound. They can therefore adapt to a changing environment, which reflects a certain form of intelligence. Nevertheless, abandoning timber logging for this reason is not acceptable. This would result in environmental impacts that are often overlooked by the opponents of logging.

To read more (In French):



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