News  |  08.10.2020

Guide to setting up timber planting projects for forestry companies

Within the framework of the realization of its projects, the ATIBT and its partners present you a directory guide to accompany the forest companies in the assembly of plantation project.

Guide to setting up timber planting projects for forestry companies

This Partner's Guide, Tools and Technical and Financial Support Mechanisms for the Development of Diversified Timber Projects in the Congo Basin is intended for professionals and industrialists in the private forestry sector and beyond, who wish to develop timber plantations of local species or complex multi-species systems with the potential to bring positive environmental and social impacts to their area of influence.

This Guide aims to help private sector actors identify and better understand the different schemes, programmes and partners that can financially or technically support their timber plantation projects. It also briefly addresses the various certifications and carbon labels that can be applied to these projects. The countries concerned are as follows: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

This Guide is a generalist document that is not intended to serve as a specialized technical support. For more details on some specific themes, it is recommended to refer to previous studies carried out within the framework of the same study, freely available on the ATIBT website :



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 This guide was developed by ONF International and CIRAD with the assistance of ATIBT within the framework of the FLEGT-REDD project and was produced with the financial support of the FFEM.


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