News  |  23.10.2020

ADEFAC Project - Feedback from the Yaounde information meeting

The first project explanation meeting with the various stakeholders was held in Yaoundé on October 15, 2020.

ADEFAC Project - Feedback from the Yaounde information meeting

In the presence of actors from the forest-wood private sector, representatives of training institutions members, and non-members of RIFFEAC, the meeting to clarify the approach of the ADEFAC project was held on Thursday, October 15, 2020, in Yaoundé in one of the meeting rooms. Boun's Hotel conference.

After the opening remarks of the meeting delivered by the Regional Coordinator of RIFFEAC; the intervention from DG ATIBT read by AT C.SE, and the discussion from all the participant around the table, two main components punctuated the meeting.

1. General presentation of the ADEFAC project

The brief presentation of the genesis of the project, its objectives, the beneficiaries, the potential partners and then the planned activities was made by the TA C-SE, which allowed participants to understand the different axes of the intervention of the project and visualize the main activities to be carried out to support the continuing training of actors in the forest-wood sector.
This general presentation facilitated the transition to the second component, which concerns the mode of implementation of the project.

2. Presentation of the ADEFAC operating mode

After a brief description of the operating mode diagram presenting the actors and the main relationships between them, the meeting was co-moderated by the participants who together identified and clarified:
• The beneficiaries of the project;
• The expectations of the actors;
• The contributions of the actors;
• Jobs in the forest-wood sector in Cameroon by level of processing.

These different stages were punctuated by exchanges and discussions on the concepts of direct and indirect beneficiary, questions relating to the conditions of participation in the project as partners, the constraints encountered by companies in finding, recruiting and maintaining well-trained personnel.
The list of participants in this meeting as well as the various trades identified led to the planning of visits to companies, craftsmen and training institutions in the forest-wood sector in Yaoundé for the period from 26 to 31 October 2020 in the framework of the business mapping enrichment activity.

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