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"Living with tropical forests”, New CIRAD book

ATIBT presents this new book, written by CIRAD, which offers a unique angle on the essential cohabitation between humans and tropical forests. Il will be published in march 2021 and you can already make pre-orders.

What could be more complex than the rainforest and the relationships humans forge with it ? However, or rather for this reason, the clichés, the shortcuts, the misunderstandings and even misinterpretation abound in speeches too readily simplistic.

The objective of this book, designed and written by a team of researchers, is on the contrary, without jargon or condescension, to account for the respective overlaps between humans and tropical forests. Only by taking into account these interdependencies that we can hope to save the joint future of humans and forests. Also, the ambition of this book is to enter the forest with them, not to give up on the edge ...

The authors of this book belong to the Forests and Societies research unit of the Center for International Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development (CIRAD). These researchers come from multiple disciplines, from ecology to anthropology, and are familiar with large tropical forest regions, whose landscapes they know as well as the people.

The book is organized around three parts dealing with the specificities of the three continents tropical (Africa, America and Asia), preceded by a general presentation of forests tropical and followed by a set of perspectives for the forests and the peoples therein live. We have, for each subject mentioned, chosen to deliver a particular message without falling into the encyclopedia trap.

Characteristics :

Format 23 x 31 cm - 224 pages

Sewn paperback

Public selling price 34.50 € incl.

Spring 2021 release

Distributed in France (+ Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec) by Gallimard


In order to be able to offer this book at a competitive price, CIRAD is looking for partners. The partners subscribe to books and benefit from offers according to the quantity ordered (logo, on the back cover, customization of the book, etc.)

The book has a selling price of € 34.50 including VAT (€ 32.70 excluding VAT)



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