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ATIBT relays the CSTF "Forest Committee Leaflet" of December 2020

As a reminder, created in 2019, AFD's Scientific and Technical Committee for Forests is tasked with implementing the guidelines of the National Group of Tropical Froets (GNFT).


ATIBT relays the CSTF "Forest Committee Leaflet" of December 2020

This newsletter mentions the achievements of this CST and the progress of several projects. ATIBT looks back on several of them.

First of all in 1 year since the first meeting, the CST has succeeded in bringing together a community of experts from the sector, coming from varied backgrounds and motivated to carry out a collective reflection; define and implement rules collegial functioning; collectively develop a work program; launch the first projects.

The main projects were:

  • Deforestation risk management mechanism linked to soybeans imported into France.
  • Integration of the zero deforestation objective in the sectors targeted by the National Strategy on Imported Deforestation (SNDI)

For four of the six sectors targeted by SNDI (soybean, palm oil, cocoa, timber), the project is entering an elaboration phase - with the concerned stakeholders – of theories of change for the integration and the operationalization of the zero-deforestation objective in certification schemes which are not too far from this objective. This work will be fed by the answers to the questionnaires presented on October 13th.

Regarding the “meta-label” sub-project, aiming at assessing the feasibility of the SNDI's proposal to establish a meta-label as the basis for a French system to guarantee tropical products without deforestation, four scenarios were presented and discussed on October 13 based on a SWOT analysis.

  • Definitions and tools for monitoring deforestation

This project is expected to present its final report and its recommendations during the next Forest Committee meeting on January 28, 2021.

Feedback on the fall meeting of the Forest Committee

The webinar on October 13, 2020, in which ATIBT participated (news here), was devoted to the review of the intermediate deliverables of the "Certification of the zero-deforestation objective" project. The report of this meeting, the presentations made by the speakers on this occasion, as well as all the work produced by the various sites of the Forest Committee, will be available from January 2021 on the

As a reminder, it was observed that the FSC and PEFC certification standards globally complied with the SNDI requirements for tropical timber.

However, for timber as well as for palm oil, soybean and cocoa commodities, it was proposed to initiate work to improve the compliance of the various standards with the requirements of the SNDI. Rubber and beef were excluded from the rest of the study because they were too far removed from these requirements.

Read the CSTF "Forest Committee Leaflet" of December 2020

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