News  |  12.03.2021

ATIBT welcomes its new member SORIEL S.L.!

SORIEL S.L. is an agency which represents tropical woods with 50 years of experience in the sector.

ATIBT welcomes its new member SORIEL S.L.!

SORIEL S.L. only works with certified suppliers who manage their forest concessions in a sustainable way and who can provide all the documents that prove the legality of their activities (from the annual logging permit to the waybill, including the certificate of non-royalty and other documents necessary for the fulfillment of the EUTR standard). Its employees have been trained on the EUTR standard which they master.

As a commercial manager of the small but very well known company SORIEL S.L., very active in the sector, mainly in Cameroon as well as in Spain, Oscar Ortigosa spent 2 months in Cameroon in 2020 where he had the chance to do an internship with 2 of the main suppliers of SORIEL S.L. (1 FSC/OLB certified and 1 OLB certified, both ATIBT members). During this short internship, he was able to go around the teams, the sawmill and export teams which are of great interest to the company, but also the teams of prospecting, control of felling, wildlife and forest, certification etc.

Oscar Ortigosa had the time and the chance to fully understand the importance of managing forests in a sustainable way. This is easy to talk about but it is an obligation shared by all the important stakeholders in this industry, from the sawmill (prospecting to avoid destroying the ecosystem, avoiding the felling of undeclared trees or of monumental trees with more than 2 meters in diameter, good understanding with local residents ....), the traders (communicating the issues to the customers and informing them about the activities that certified suppliers carry out in the field...) to the customers (raising awareness and convincing them of the importance of buying certified products).

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