News  |  30.04.2021

FAQ on the Thémis project

The ATIBT, LCB and Fedustria have launched recently the Themis project along with their wood importing members. Do you want to know what the THEMIS project is? Who is it for? What is the interest to participate in this project? How to use the data collection portal? The project implementation team wrote a FAQ summarizing the recurrent questions asked about the project with precise answers.

FAQ on the Thémis project

As reported in the STTC/Fair&Precious newsletter, ATIBT and LCB have been participating since February with other European timber trade federations, Fedustria and TTF, in the development of a data collection tool on timber imports. Although the main donors are focusing on tropical regions, the tool will also cover softwoods, temperate hardwoods, panels and some secondary wood products.

As a reminder, as "importer" members of ATIBT and/or LCB, we count on your commitment for a responsible trade to report your annual 2020 purchasing data via this online tool :

We invite you to fill in your data before May 14.

Click here to download the FAQ

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