News  |  04.10.2019

Product and environment regulation 2020

The communication of environmental data on wood-based products is now inescapable.

Indeed, many regulatory measures are being taken to halt the process of global warming, particularly with regard to construction products, which are the main cause of energy consumption and the second most important factor in greenhouse gas emissions. Prescribers and designers will very soon be forced to carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for all new construction. Several standards describe the methodology for drawing up environmental declarations (EPD), and some of this information could be displayed in a way similar to the CE marking through the European regulation of construction products.

To meet this need, ATIBT proposed a study project (called “Dryades”) to the PPECF to collect data on this subject and to study the possibility of establishing collective sheets grouping different geographical origins of the Congo Basin for several product families (logs, AD and KD sawn timber, hydraulic wood and sleepers, profiles, fingerjoints, veneers and plywood).

80% of the financing for this project is provided by the PPECF, 10% by importers and 10% by producers. ATIBT is therefore launching a call for participation from forest industrialists in the Congo Basin to ensure co-financing of the project. For any further information click on the following link: I wish to participate in the Dryades project

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