News  |  08.07.2021

Gabon and Togo sign an export agreement

As relayed by Gabonreview, the Gabonese Minister of Water and Forests, Lee White, and the Togolese Minister of the Environment and Forest Resources, Katari Foli-Bazi, signed a memorandum of understanding on July 2 on cooperation in the field of the timber industry. This agreement aims to facilitate the import of Gabonese wood products who have undergone the three types of transformation in Togo.

Gabon and Togo sign an export agreement

The working visit to Libreville of the Ministry of Environment and Forest Resources of the Togolese Republic, Katari Foli-Bazi, was marked by the signing on July 2 of a memorandum of understanding between Gabon and Togo. Concluded for a period of five years, this agreement aims to facilitate the import of Gabonese wood products having undergone primary, secondary or tertiary processing in Togo.

The two countries want to strengthen cooperation in sustainable management of the environment and forest resources, and promote the opening of opportunities for the Gabonese timber industry in the Togolese wood construction market but also in all countries in West Africa.

"The creation, in Gabon, of an industrial zone and particularly the opening of wood processing plants is exceptional. I recall that we are moving from a model of conservation of our forest resources to a model of protection, conservation and exploitation. We want to imbibe the Gabonese model to attract many investors in the timber sector and strengthen trade between our two countries, "said Katari Foli-Bazi.

According to Lee White, if Gabon intends to move towards a 3rd transformation industry, it will continue to export wood that has undergone the first two types of transformation to develop the continent, attract more investors and create winning synergies and jobs in Africa.

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