News  |  04.02.2022

Results of the training of the actors of the forestry-wood sector in Gabon

The first trainings of the actors of the sector for the year 2022 took place in Gabon from January 12 to 28 with the full satisfaction of the beneficiaries and the government authorities.

Results of the training of the actors of the forestry-wood sector in Gabon

The two training sessions aimed at providing forestry and wood industry actors with the capacity to better understand the upcoming forestry resource exploitation contexts ended in Gabon on January 28.

From January 12 to 28, Gabonese SMEs and VSEs benefited from the support of two consultants to better integrate the training function into their management approaches. This mission consisted of a diagnostic approach to identify the realities of the practice of wood processing activities in Gabon. This was followed by an "introductory" training of the prescribers whose objective was to provide the beneficiaries with skills in collecting the training needs of the actors. In addition, from January 17 to 28, private sector actors and teachers from training institutions received training in the andragogy approach to identify and model training needs and translate them into training modules.


The support mission to accompany the SMEs and VSEs took place in Libreville through visits to professional organizations and SMEs and VSEs and artisans in the city. The training of trainers took place at BOULEVARD Hotel in Libreville.

Some results of these two missions:

  1. On the domestic wood sector in Gabon

Strengths:  an excellent and abundant forestry resource (87% of the territory), some SMEs and VSEs well established and with good know-how, two national organizations (CPG and CAPEG) representing large companies and VSEs/SMEs, which are working on continuous training.

Weaknesses: a local market limited in volume, access to quality sawn timber that has become difficult (strong competition from exports) and the suppression of the "exploitation and artisanal sawing" sector, an emerging organization of the sector (interprofession...), a poorly organized, individualistic craft industry that has difficulty gaining recognition from the public authorities, economic "uberization" leading to the disappearance of employees, replaced by "daily workers" and "informal apprentices".

Opportunities: the implementation of the Plan d'Accélération de la Transformation (2021-2023) highlighting the economic and employment potential of the wood industry, the national programs for the development of the wood industry: 100% of sawn timber or veneer since 2010 and 50% "second-processed" in the medium term, the creation of the Chambre Nationale des Métiers de l'Artisanat (CMAG), which could take a central place in the FC system.

Threats/risks: the forest/wood jobs are not socially supported ("small jobs"), the supply of wood to the national sector is unstable, export-oriented, availability of the resource depends on the international markets, quality species are exported at prices that are unsustainable for local craftsmen.

  1. On continuing education in Gabon

Technical education is well established, the "Vocational training - Employment - Work" project carried out by the Prime Minister's Office aims to create and support public vocational training centers (CFP), and the establishment of a vocational and skills training offer meets the needs of the economy and businesses.


The continuous training offer is not listed and there is no support system for VSEs and SMEs for the development of training plans.

  1. Satisfaction of participants in the training of trainers

The training provided them with new know-how in designing training modules based on real needs identified with the targets to be trained.


  1. Satisfaction of government and private sector members

The closing of the training of trainers was marked by the presence of the representatives of the training centers (CIMFEP, ANFEP) and by the presence of the members of the government, namely Mrs. AMBENGUT Arielle Aurore (DG of vocational training) and Mrs. BA OGUEWA Célestine (Head of the Vocational Training Department at the Prime Minister's Office). The closing speech was delivered by Mrs. BA OGUEWA who praised this initiative.

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