News  |  04.03.2022

A 100% locally produced wooden pedestrain bridge in Libreville!

The ECOWOOD company has installed last weekend the first of two wooden footbridges in Libreville.

A 100% locally produced wooden pedestrain bridge in Libreville!

The footbridge crosses the Boulevard de bord de mer at the level of the Lycée d'Etat and is 54 meters long. It allows pedestrians to safely cross 4 lanes of a part of the "expressway" that bypasses the center of Libreville and ensures a fast connection between the airport area and the industrial zone of Owendo.

ECOWOOD, a Gabonese SME with Swiss capital, designed this bridge and built it with local wood (Padouk, Movingui, Ozigo and Tali). The bridge takes the shape of two fish that meet, symbolizing the reunion of peoples.  For the construction of the bridge, 40 mm thick wooden slats were assembled to form 52 cm thick glued laminated curved beams.

Currently, the last phase of the work is underway, including the installation of the safety elements and the roofs on the stairs. Delivery of this bridge is scheduled for mid-April 2022.

The second footbridge will be built at the level of the Lycée Léon Mba, and will also cross 4 lanes, as well as the bus and cab lanes of the Boulevard de bord de mer. The two footbridges will help solve traffic jams caused by the crossing of students from both high schools.

ECOWOOD is a construction company that designs and builds local wood constructions. Among its achievements in recent years, we can note the buildings of the future school of wood trades in Booué and the claddings of the new Embassy of France (under construction).

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