News  |  22.04.2022

The certified forestry sector and imported deforestation

The certification commission of the ATIBT co-publishes with Emmanuel Groutel (Wale) a manifesto recalling the opportunity that the draft regulation of the European Union represents to prove the involvement of the actors of this sector by their commitment in sustainable forest management certification.

On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the European Commission published a draft regulation to fight against imported deforestation. Following the example of the French National Strategy to fight against imported deforestation (SNDI), this draft regulation will apply to various agricultural products as well as to wood.

For wood certified according to the criteria of sustainable and responsible management of the FSC and PEFC/PAFC certification schemes, this new regulation is perfectly in line with what has already been undertaken by certified forest managers for sustainable forest management. The wood is therefore a pioneer at different levels because certified wood guarantees the absence of deforestation or forest degradation.

The manifesto is in French however, an English version will be published soon :

contacts :

Emmanuel Groutel, international specialist of the forestry sector, the wood economy and its international flows, and member of the ATIBT

Caroline Duhesme, secretary of the ATIBT certification commission

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