News  |  06.01.2023

A new Fair&Precious film available

The operation of the Fair&Precious marketing program is based on a positioning, commitments, concepts, supports, the involvement of beneficiaries, the development of partnerships, but also on content.  Among these contents, the "media library", essentially composed of videos and photographs, must be renewed regularly to maintain the program's appeal to the targeted public.

A new Fair&Precious film available

The production of these reports should allow for the continuation of a dynamic and attractive communication shared with all of the program's partners: companies, institutions, media, NGOs, the general public... In 2022, 3 films on sustainable forest management and a shorter clip were shot at Fair&Precious operators in Gabon, Cameroon and Congo.

 This collection of Fair&Precious films is divided into 3 episodes:

  • Episode 1: For a responsible exploitation
  • Episode 2: For the protection of ecosystems
  • Episode 3: For the well-being of the populations

Episode 2 was presented at the ATIBT Forum in Nantes at the beginning of June 2022, and the two other films were being edited. On December 8, the participants of Think Tank #5 attended the first screening of the first episode.

The film is available on the ATIBT website as well as its YouTube channel: watch the film "Fair&Precious - Sustainable management of tropical forests. Episode 1: For a responsible exploitation".

The 3rd and last episode of this collection will be released soon, as well as a more general and versatile clip.

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