News  |  20.01.2023

New photos added to the Fair&Precious photo library

The Fair&Precious media library continues to grow: discover in pictures the sustainable management of the Congo Basin forests!

New photos added to the Fair&Precious photo library

The resources available on the Fair&Precious website are complementary to the online media library on the ATIBT website: they are essentially composed of videos and photographs, and must be enriched regularly for a dynamic and attractive communication shared with all the partners of the program (companies, institutions, media, NGOs) as well as with the general public in order to raise awareness.

In 2022, 3 films and a video clip on sustainable forest management in all its environmental, social and economic aspects were shot in the countries of the Congo Basin, at our Fair&Precious partner forestry operators. The first two films are already available, the third is being edited and will be shared with you soon.

The shootings were also an excellent opportunity to renew our photos.

A first part of these photos had been put online in October 2022 on a new "Photo Gallery" page, divided for the moment into 6 categories: "Forest and trees", "Sustainable management", "Replanting and restoring", "Wood and transformation", "Life in the forest", and "Wildlife". New photos have been recently added.

Other categories will be created in the near future, notably to communicate on ATIBT training activities. The objective is to centralize in this "photo library" quality images to testify to the work of committed actors in the sector and to inform target audiences.

Fair&Precious partners: feel free to use these photos in your communications (mentioning IMAGEO in photo credits)!

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