News  |  14.04.2023

Field visits in the framework of the UFA-Reforest project

With European Union funding, the UFA-REFOREST project, whose objective is to enrich the Forest Management Units (FMU) in a participatory and inclusive manner, supports PALLISCO, ALPICAM-GRUMCAM, SEEF and SEFAC in the implementation of reforestation activities. It also benefits from the technical support of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Nature+ and ENSET of the University of Douala, ATIBT being the project owner.

Visit to the nursery at Pallisco

During the month of February, the UFA-REFOREST project received two missions to the PALLISCO company site: one from the European Union Delegation (DUE) and another from the Members of the National Assembly.

Visit of the European Union Delegation (DUE)

The objectives of the DUE mission were to evaluate the progress of the project and to meet and discuss with the managers of the forest concessions, the riparian communities and the conservation services.

A working session with the various officials allowed the DUE mission to better understand the various activities carried out by PALLISCO. Particular attention was paid to the silvicultural activities that fall specifically within the framework of the UFA-REFOREST project. Thus, the nursery and the plantations (plots, parks and gaps) carried out within the framework of the project were visited. The DUE mission also visited the exploitation site. Discussions were held with the riparian communities and the conservation department of the Dja Reserve.

Visit to a reforested plot

The DUE mission ended its trip in the Eastern Region with a visit to the industrial site of the company Dino et Fils: the wood yard, the processing unit and the nursery. Committed to a process of sustainable management, the company Dino et Fils has requested support from the UFA-REFOREST project. The visit to their nursery is a first step for potential support, which is currently under discussion.

Nursery at Dino et Fils

Visit to the processing unit

These different meetings and field visits allowed the DUE to get a first-hand look at the realities of the forestry sector and to reflect on the possibilities of better orienting support in this sector of activity in Cameroon. At the end of this mission, the DUE was satisfied with the work carried out in the field by the UFA-REFOREST project. It also congratulated the quality of the infrastructures in the forest concessions.

Visit of the Members of the National Assembly

A delegation of members of the National Assembly, including the Production and Trade Commission, also visited PALLISCO. The objective for these parliamentarians was to get a better understanding of the realities of the forestry sector, the difficulties encountered and especially the concerns of the local communities, in order to harmonize the legal framework of forestry activities in Cameroon.

After a working session with company officials, the delegation visited PALLISCO's infrastructure (break-up park, sawmill, planning mill, joinery workshop...). The visit of the nursery was also made. The support of PALLISCO in the implementation of reforestation activities through the UFA-REFOREST project was mentioned. The deputies visited the exploitation site and several exchanges were held with the local communities.

Visit to the nursery

Visit of the exploitation site

At the end of the mission, the President of the Commission congratulated PALLISCO for the good practices applied, the professionalism and the respect of legality. The fact that the deputies had the opportunity to discover some of the realities of the forestry sector enabled them to get a foot on the ladder, with a view to capitalizing on this expertise in parliamentary work.

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