News  |  12.05.2023

UFA - Reforest project: planting forecasts for 2023 in pictures

A video presents the planting forecasts for the first enrichment campaign of the year 2023 in the framework of the UFA-Reforest project.

UFA - Reforest project: planting forecasts for 2023 in pictures

Yanick Nkoulou, project manager, describes the general objectives: it is planned to plant approximately 240,000 trees over a period of 4 years (2022 to 2026), at a rate of approximately 60,000 trees each year.

The second reforestation campaign of the project is currently underway, and has begun with an inventory of the stock of seedlings. In the four nurseries of the project's beneficiary companies, there are currently about 125,000 seedlings: this year, seedlings with a minimum height of 40 cm will be selected for planting, i.e. about 45,000 seedlings.

The plots and aisles are being prepared, as can be seen in the video. The 45,000 plants are just beginning to be planted with the return of the rains. They should allow to enrich during this first campaign of 2023 17 hectares in degraded areas, 500 felling holes, and about fifty parks.

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