News  |  13.07.2023

An Ivorian delegation meets ATIBT to discuss vocational training

On Monday July 10, a delegation from Côte d'Ivoire visited Nogent-sur-Marne to meet with ATIBT and Le Commerce du Bois and discuss the structuring of trade associations and vocational training.

An Ivorian delegation meets ATIBT to discuss vocational training

In Côte d'Ivoire, as part of the Framework Partnership Agreement between the Ministry in charge of Technical Education and Vocational Training, the Private Sector and the Consular Chambers, a Joint Steering Committee called the "Comité Paritaire de Pilotage du Partenariat en matière de Formation Professionnelle et Technique" (CPP) has been set up to monitor the implementation of the reforms.

Companies have recently organized themselves into professional branches, including "Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Resources and Fisheries". This structuring has led to the renovation of several technical and vocational training courses, the drafting of training programs based on the Competency-Based Approach (Approche Par Compétences - APC) and the involvement of professional branches in the training system. A project to build the capacity of vocational branch coordinators is currently underway. This involves training in the identification of training needs, the development of trade directories and trade sheets, and the production of company directories, sector studies, sector portraits and sector strategies.

These results, while encouraging, call for improvements in branch operations, particularly in terms of coordinating branch committees, mobilizing and securing the support of professionals, mobilizing funding and ensuring its sustainability.

The delegation made up of representatives from the Ministry of Technical Education, Vocational Training and Apprenticeship, the professional branches and the CPP's operational bodies visited France this week. The delegation's main objectives were to find out more about France's system for professional branches in terms of legislation, to observe the way in which professional branches are governed and operate, and to exchange views on the role of professional branches in terms of vocational training, improving employability and professional integration.

With this in mind, the delegation met with the ATIBT on July 10: discussions focused mainly on the structuring of vocational training. Benoit Jobbé-Duval, Director, and Elise Mazeyrac, Head Office Coordinator of the ADEFAC project, presented the project's activities and its role in improving training in Central Africa. The delegation was accompanied by Jean-Jacques Landrot, Honorary Chairman of ATIBT.

In the afternoon, the delegation also had the opportunity to exchange views with LCB.

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