News  |  03.11.2023

Capacity-building for professional associations in the forestry sector in Republic of Congo

ATIBT is speeding up the process of revitalizing the UNIBOIS trade union to get its members more involved in the VPA FLEGT process.

Capacity-building for professional associations in the forestry sector in Republic of Congo

As part of the implementation of the Support of the Private Sector in the Republic of Congo (ASP Congo) project, and in particular the " UNIBOIS Support for change" activity, ATIBT organized a meeting on Tuesday April 24 October 2023 at the Mikael Hotel in Brazzaville, to take stock of the project's mid-term activities and assess the state of implementation of the roadmap defined and validated at the start of the project by both parties.

The meeting was attended by Benoît-Marie JOBBE-DUVAL, Managing Director of ATIBT, surrounded by the ASP Congo team, Alain Bertin TIOTSOP and Donatien N'ZALA, as well as Martial FOUTY, Cyprien LEMBELE and Pierre MAKOSSO NGOMA, respectively Chairman, Vice-Chairman and General Secretary of UNIBOIS, accompanied by Armand DIAMVINZA and Armand ONGOUNDOU, advisor to the Chairman and UNIBOIS lawyer.    On this occasion, the two associations took stock of activities already completed and those in progress. These concern the development of a communication plan to promote the forest-wood sector, information and regulatory monitoring to share documents, capacity building on forest legality and traceability, advocacy on the evolution of the regulatory framework of law 33-2020 and, more specifically, the revitalization of UNIBOIS to better represent its members through the setting up of an external consultancy and the organization of an association meeting.

The DG of ATIBT stressed the importance of UNIBOIS meeting its commitments to technical and financial partners, in order to improve its image. He also reassured UNIBOIS of ATIBT's willingness and availability to continue its support actions, in strict compliance with current laws and regulations.

To this end, the meeting set Friday November 3, 2023 as the date for the general meeting to be held in Pointe-Noire. The two associations then agreed to strengthen their partnership within the framework of a new project currently under development, focusing on the domestic timber market. Discussions on the subject highlighted the importance of this market and the need to improve it. It was noted that the meeting ran smoothly and in a cordial atmosphere, to the satisfaction of both associations.


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