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The ATIBT Marketing Commission met on 7 November

The last ATIBT Marketing Commission meeting was held by videoconference on 7 November 2023, bringing together around fifteen participants.

The ATIBT Marketing Commission met on 7 November

The Commission opened with a presentation of the three new forestry operators who have joined the Fair&Precious collective in recent months: Mil Madeiras in Brazil, Alpicam-Grumcam in Cameroon, and Maderacre in Peru. These three new members represent an increase of 1,270 000 ha. The arrival of South American companies broadens the scope of influence and the number of species to be promoted. the number of species to be promoted, and provides an opportunity to exchange views on the common of the Congo and Amazon forest basins.

We welcome them to the collective.

This was followed by the customary round-table discussion on markets, relations with the authorities and regulations. A focus on the EUDR and CITES was aimed at discuss the current concerns of the industry; we informed the members of the Commission that Cameroon has decided to submit a request for the withdrawal of padouk request from Appendix II of CITES.

The ATIBT also presented an action initiated by the LCB Tropical Timber Commission to monitor the entry of illegal timber into the port of La Rochelle: the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle has decided to implement measures to the import of products that do not contribute to imported deforestation. deforestation. This will require work on several levels, focusing on training for logistic actors.

Two projects were presented to the members of the Commission: the "Contracts and uses" project financed by ITTO with the aim of formalising and clarifying the rules in force in the trade in tropical timber, and to define guidelines and recommendations for contract wording. The second project, " Special Technical Specifications - CCTP", financed by the PPECF, aims to draw up guidelines to help with the specification of tropical timber in construction contracts.

Companies wishing to contribute to the drafting of these documents or to review them are invited to contact the Director of the ATIBT at


The Commission minutes are available to ATIBT members on request.

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