Hupkes Wijma B.V

Hupkes Wijma B.V. is the result of the merger of Hupkes and Wijma.


Hupkes is a privately owned company founded in 1918 in the Netherlands. Today management is run by Hans van Heerden and Stefan Meinhardt.

Hupkes is specialized in tropical timbers for external use and runs a permanent stock of 6000 m3 of sawn timber coming from West Africa and South America.
Hupkes, being one of the last sawmillers in Europe producing cut to list specifications up to 15 meters long in Azobe and Bilinga, buys yearly about 8000 m3 of logs. With its specialized equipment Hupkes realizes all kind of machining of heavy sections.
On its premises in the Netherlands of 30.000 m2 and with its 40 co-workers Hupkes realizes exports to about 15 countries.



Wijma is a major worldwide supplier of sawn timber (Azobé, Ekki, Bongossi, Basralocus, Demarara Greenheart and alike) for hydraulic purposes and rail industry and finished products such as sheet piling, bridges, lock gates and galleries for housing projects.

The company’s policy is to process responsibly managed, legally and sustainably produced (FSC) timber for civil engineering projects and the construction industry.


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