Rougier Afrique International

With over 2 million hectares of certified forest concessions (Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and CAR), Rougier Afrique International is the parent company of the group’s industrial and commercial activities related to the sustainable management of natural forests in the Congo Basin.

As an integrated player, Rougier Afrique International and its subsidiaries Rougier Gabon (Fair&Precious certified operator), SFID, Mokabi and RSM control the entire timber production chain, from the forest concessions to clients, importers and manufacturers. The pro- ducts, which are transported by land, rail and sea, are marketed worldwide. Total control over the supply chain ensures of both quality and value creation that enable Rougier to commit to a policy of delivering minimum volumes in a timely manner. Thanks to long established commercial ties with over 50 consumer countries, Rougier Afrique International exports and markets the group’s products worldwide. Its extensive experience, the large volumes it handles and its close relations with the major shipping companies make it a leading player in the international tropical timber markets. Commercial growth is especially supported by its active policy of geographical market diversification and its expansive range of available certified species.

Official Partner Fair&Precious