Vandecasteele Houtimport

Vandecasteele Houtimport is a Belgian family business, one of the largest timber import companies in Europe.

Located in the heart of Europe, in Aalbeke near Kortrijk, with easy access to most European markets, the company has a wood storage capacity of 140,000 m3 on an area of 20 hectares, including 16 covered hectares, and sells more than 130 different species from all over the world.
Vandecasteele is committed to supplying wood from sustainable forest management. Through its responsible purchasing procedures, the company guarantees the legality and traceability of its timber. It invests in new IT tools to track and trace wood from the source to ensure that it complies with the EUTTR. Since its first certification in 1999, the company has continued this long-term commitment, which is the governing principle at all levels. Most timbers already have FSC®, PEFC, OLB or NEPCON Legal Source certification. For the year 2025, the company is committed to buying only certified wood.

Bergstraat 25
8511 – Aalbeke

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