Specialized in the field of sustainability in tropical forestry and agroforestry, ETICWOOD provides advice, expertise, but also technical assistance to its partners, through its offices in Europe and Africa.

ETICWOOD develops and implements innovative projects accompanied by concrete actions to maintain biodiversity and work for the socio-economic development of local populations, systematically integrating climate issues.

Through its numerous projects in Europe and throughout the tropics, ETICWOOD develops and diversifies numerous sectors, and acts to preserve the ecosystems on which they depend. The economic and social empowerment of communities and the implementation of sustainable development initiatives in agriculture and agroforestry are part of our permanent concerns.

ETICWOOD is directly involved and invests concretely in the projects and sectors in which it is active and in which it deeply believes, in particular through its artisanal chocolate factory ECOCOA and its biochar production unit, PRISE DE TERRE.

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