CABD (Compagnie Atlantique des Bois et Dérivés - Atlantic Timber and Derivatives Company) was founded in 1980 in order to develop trade in logs from West African tropical forests, especially those from the Ivory Coast.

The company’s activities rapidly expanded to Liberia, Gabon, the DRC, Cameroon, the CAR and the Republic of Congo.

In 1995 the company set up a subsidiary (CPF) in order to participate in the industrialisation of logging operations and the transfer of European industries to this zone.

This engineering activity has become Bois Industrie, which, together with CABD, makes it possible to be a player in the timber industry, both upstream and downstream.

A planing facility located in the port of La Pallice (La Rochelle, France) near the CABD’s main office completes a very broad business in which the log activity has become marginal in favour of primary processing and is moving towards the secondary processing of timber that is sawn, dried, planed, finger-jointed, etc.

Thanks to its network of merchant-importers and industrial designers, CABD has forged links with most of the players within this sector.


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