Those who carry the brand

Pallisco – Cameroun

The Pallisco company is based in Cameroon in the Littoral regions (head office in Bonanjo – Douala) and in the Eastern regions (Mindourou – haut-Nyong department). Its main activities are logging and log sales. It manages 7 concessions (FMU = Forest Management Unit) representing an area of 388,949 ha. Pallisco and CIFM have been OLB-certified (Origin and Legality of Timber) and FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) by Bureau Veritas Cameroon since 2005 and 2008, respectively.

Rougier Gabon – Gabon

Rougier has been established in Gabon since 1952, and through its Gabonese subsidiaries, manages nearly 880,000 ha of forest, amounting to the production of 300,000 m³ of logs per year. Rougier Gabon employs around 1,500 people. In line with its voluntary policy of responsible forestry management, the group implements management plans in all of its concessions. They address three levels of commitment: the preservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity, the social development of workers and their families and respect for local populations and traditional forestry practices. This approach is a genuine management tool that allows harvesting to be carried out without affecting the forest’s regeneration capacity (average harvest: from 1 to 2 trees per ha every 25 years).

Precious Wood – Gabon

The heart of the company is the production and marketing of FSC-certified semi-finished tropical timber products. Utilizing the biomass from timber manufacturing processes enables Precious Woods in Brazil also to sell certified emission reductions (CER). Central to all business activities are the needs of our customers, the driving force behind the economic success of Precious Woods. This is the basis for socially and ecologically sustainable activities and thus for the protection of tropical forests in the long term. The Precious Woods Group with its headquarter in Switzerland employs around 1,270 members of staff in Brazil, Gabon and in Switzerland (2016).

CIB OLAM – Congo

Today, OLAM is one of the world’s largest managers of natural tropical forests, as it sustainably manages some 2.2 million hectares in the Congo Basin. This responsible approach led OLAM to join the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in 2011 as an
institutional member of its Economic Chamber. As such, and with the support of the OLAM Group, the CIB pursues its primary objective of maintaining eco-certified forest management. The obtained results and the desire to pursue this responsible social and environmental commitment could not be achieved and can only be maintained through exchanges and the development of synergies with all of the players who are committed to a sustainable future for the Congo Basin’s forests.

INTERHOLCO – REP. of Congo (Brazzaville)

Since 1962, Interholco AG has been serving an international clientele that demands impeccable quality for its needs in terms of logs, sawn timber and various processed products from Africa. Interholco AG manages a 1.16 million hectare FSC-certified
forest concession in the Republic of Congo, which employs over 1,000 local employees. Interholco AG is one of the world’s leading producers of African tropical timber.



Requirements to carry the brand

In order for a forest concession holder to use the Fair&Precious trademark, he must both be a member of ATIBT and use a control procedure approved by the ATIBT Board of Directors, such as FSC or PEFC sustainable forest management certification.