News  |  17.07.2020

The CIB (Congolaise Industrielle des Bois) is hiring his manager resource planning in Republic of Congo

CIB is inviting you to send your application for the job offer of manager resource planning in Republic of Congo.

CIB is hiring

CIB, a logging company certified, adherent at ATIBT, is looking for for someone who has :

  • A passion for landscape management
  • An ability to manage and motivate a team in an unique socio-culutral context
  • A deep understanding of GIS software
  • A knowledge of Python’s Syntax
  • An ability to set up and maintain internal monitoring tools, using statistical processing tools like R.
  • An open mind, able to develop innovative projects and envisage large-scale solutions.
  • An ability to work independently under challenging working conditions.


To read more, click here

To know more the CIB, click here

The resume and application form need to be sent to and


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