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DRC : Awareness - rising shorts films among forest stakeholders are available

Within the framework of the FLEGT-REDD, FLEGT-IP and FLEGT certification projects financed respectively by the French Fund for the Environment, the European Union and the PPECF2, the Federation of Timber Industrialists (FIB), in collaboration with the International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT) has commissioned the production of three shorts films.

These short films are part of a set of 9 short films classified in two collections : "good practices" and "major concepts" developed by three professional unions in the subregion (UFIGA in Gabon, SPIB in Côte d'Ivoire and FIB in DRC).

The FIB and the ATIBT are pleased to present two short films in the form of cartoons and one short film in the form of an interview, directed by the TREMVI agency.  
These are informative short film to raise awareness among stakeholders at each stage of forest management :  from logging to processing and transport.
Thus, these films addressing several challenges for the forestry sector make it possible to inform the following audiences : trade union leaders, government officials, managers, employees and workers of forestry companies and even wood buyers/consumers.
Among the greatest challenges in the DRC, today are the first experience of implementing forest management plans, the application of the current forest code and its regulations, and FLEGT.
At present, some companies in the DRC have voluntarily committed themselves to other processes including forest certification. The sector's stakeholders deserve to be made aware of all these beneficial issues in order to contribute to the sustainability of the resource.

Good Practice Collection :
-    A first short film focuses on the forest management plan and its implementation. The message is conveyed by the characters through the various panels which speak notably on the basis, the understanding of the forest management plan, the taking into account of the needs of local communities, the responsibilities in the implementation of the forest management plan.  At present, forestry companies in the DRC are resolutely committed to the elaboration and implementation of forest management plans in the DRC and are therefore living their first experiences.

This short film can be shown to all companies in the Congo Basin, although it was made using the DRC as an example.

forest_management-planClick on the image to view the video

Great Concepts Collection :
-    A second short film talks about the principles of FLEGT (APV-RBUE) and the link with forest certification. The message is conveyed by two main characters employed in a forestry company. The DRC has been engaged in the VPA process since 2010 and would like to respond to the FLEGT vision of combating illegal logging and associated trade and ensuring that no illegal timber is imported and sold in the European Union or elsewhere.

This short film can be shown in all the target countries of the ATIBT projects (Congo Basin and Ivory Coast).

Click on the image to view the video

-       A final short film looks at good forest governance as it is experienced today, considering that yesterday's logger is not today's logger, thanks to changes in the political, legal, institutional and regulatory framework, the planning and decision-making process in the sector and the implementation, application and respect of regulations.

The message is conveyed through personalities from the administration, the profession and the forestry society. Today, the logger is obliged to draw up a management plan but this was not a requirement before, the social contract with the local community is no longer a matter between the head of the land and the company, the FPIC mechanism (free, prior and informed consent with the local people) is implemented when management plans are drawn up or social clauses are negotiated.

This short film is specific to the DRC.


Click on the image to view the video

You can share these short films though the YouTube ATIBT page. In addition, 400 USB keys will then be distributed to project stakeholders containing all 9 short films and other deliverables of FLEGT projects implemented by ATIBT. On request, we can also provide you via email or WhatsApp the supports of the three short films presented in this article. English and Mandarin translated versions will follow soon.

Contact :

FIB Referent – Eric Gitadi

ATIBT Assistant Coordinator – Maylis Borelli

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