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Report of the 3rd ATIBT Think Tank - Videoconference, November, 2-3 2020

The 3rd ATIBT Think Tank on the theme "What future for certified companies in the Congo Basin" took place on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2020, by videoconference. Since its creation in May 2018, the Think Ttank has been supported by the ATIBT marketing program.

Conceived as an "ideas laboratory" with an international dimension, simultaneous translation allowed the participation of different English-speaking partners of ATIBT.  In total, about 80 people were connected to the meeting.

Report of the 3rd ATIBT Think Tank - Videoconference, November, 2-3 2020

The meeting was built around 4 webinars of 2h30 each, focusing on the following themes:

Session 1 – Improve the image of certified tropical timber in Europe.

Session 2 – Give back value to the Forest, Enhance Ecosystem Services (ES) and Certification

Session 3 – Develop collaborations with Asian operators to act jointly on the sustainable management of tropical forests.

Session 4 – Explore new markets for tropical timber

All the presentations made during the sessions can be found on the following links in chronological order:

French titles:  

English titles:

Recording of the different Zoom sessions is also available:

Session 1 - Improvement of the tropical wood image

Session 2 - Give back value to forests. Environmental services and certification

Session 3 – Working with Asian operators

Session 4 – Exploring new tropical wood markets

A total of 34 speakers spoke during 35 presentations, spread over the different sessions. Claude Garcia (CIRAD - ETH) moderated the discussions of the four sessions, giving rise to fairly in-depth discussions.

The report below summarizes the main points of the exchanges, placing the sessions in non-chronological order, with the sessions in the following order: 1-4-2-3. Thus the session on the image of tropical woods is followed by the "market" session because different subjects are close.

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