News  |  22.01.2021

FSC launches High Value Forests survey

FSC members and staff or any stakeholder can respond to the survey which will lead to a study on the definition and identification of High Value Forests and their sustainable uses.

FSC launches High Value Forests survey

The FSC recently has launched a study to “Identify High Value Forests and their Sustainable Uses” which was entrusted to a consortium formed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), the Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for development (CIRAD), the University of Liège and Biotope.

This study will gather the views and opinions of many stakeholders to contribute to the global discussion on the topic of high value forests.

As stated in the ToRs of this study, this work was intended to provide a new basis for discussions on IFLs in the FSC. Indeed, the subject has been very controversial and a source of division within the FSC (members ).

Since Motion 65 FSC-GA-2014 passed in Seville, requiring the preservation of intact forest landscapes (IFL) in or near FMUs and to define methods for the management of IFLs, many discussions and works have been carried out.

As part of the FSC GA in Vancouver, motion 34 FSC-GA-2017 was approved, and requires an assessment of the economic, social and environmental impacts in the short and long term - both positive and negative - related management and protection measures associated with the implementation of Motion 65 on IFLs in different forest basins (two studies are currently known concerning tropical forests).

FSC invites FSC members, stakeholders and staff to complete the survey and share their thoughts on the work plan, what they expect from this project and the role FSC can play in protection and management of High Valuable Forests.

Stakeholders interested in these issues can also participate in this survey.

Please note that the survey and the work plan are available in English, Spanish and French.

The ATIBT certification commission is following this work closely, and a meeting has already been organized with the consultants of this study to understand the objectives and expected results.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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