News  |  05.02.2021

News from Open Timber Portal (OTP) : more visitors and new features available

OTP, independant web plateform which aims to promote the respect of legality did see an important increase in the number of visitors to the platform during the COVID-19. This surge highlights that the OTP has been an important tool for users to remotely access key information on management practices and compliance with timber legality requirements.

News from Open Timber Portal (OTP) : more visitors and new features available

Since their last update, new features have been integrated particularly the ones regarding the  improved data visualization and optimization of existing functionality. More precisely, there is better visibility of operators through their documents provided and their historical data of the transparency score. The observations tab of IOs (Independent Observers) has been optimized, which allows information to be filtered more precisely. Finally, users can view the geolocation of observations of IOs.

Also, the OTP is now available in 3 new languages : Vietnamese, Japanese and Koreans.

Finally, The Gabon and Central African Republic data now available.

The OTP newsletter also recalls the conference that WRI co-organized with FERN and EFI entitled "Forest governance and COVID-19 : how can FLEGT support a green recovery after the pandemic? ". The webinar discussed the importance of sustaining the momentum FLEGT has built on a green recovery in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Extracts are available.

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