News  |  12.02.2021

New partners for the brand Fair&Precious

All ATIBT members, regardless of their status, are reminded that they can become partners of the brand simply as members of the Association. To do so, they must make a formal request to the management of the ATIBT.

Fair&Precious, the collective and collaborative brand for the sustainable forest management in the Congo Basin, welcomes its 3 new partners, all of them ATIBT members.

New partners for the brand Fair&Precious

Ekwato is a private company specialized in the development of a professional and innovative 360° digital solution to control and pilot the risk analysis of the wood products supply chain, from the forest manager to the distributor.
The Ekwato solution is a complete due diligence system for buyers/importers and a secure platform for suppliers/exporters. Ekwato also provides associated services (consulting, training, audit, diagnosis).Its founder, Vincent Pelé, is an expert at the service of staheholders in the timber industry in supporting their forest management and wood product traceability certifications (FSC, PEFC, legality certificates), supporting the implementation of the EUTR; Vincent Pelé is also an auditor (FSC, PEFC, RBUE) for various certification organizations.

Preferred by Nature (formerly NEPCon) is a non-profit organisation that has been working for more than 25 years on solutions for better land management and business practices that benefit people, nature and climate.

The organization is established in more than 100 countries to support commitments to sustainable development. More than 4,200 companies and organizations in the global wood and agriculture supply chains have certified their chain of custody with Preferred by Nature. 94% of the world's wood production is covered by its risk assessments.


“We are giving timber a future.” Our slogan stands for decades of experience in the timber industry and our belief that timber has a future as a construction material. Protecting tropical rainforests is an important concern of ours. We can only safeguard their continued existence in the long term by way of responsible, sustainable use.

Here, Cross Trade focus on timber species which are available in sufficient quantities and have the FSC® or PEFC™ certificate. This means that the next generations will also be able to build with the valuable and sustainable construction material timber.

Cross Trade is a Hanseatic company based in Bremen specialising in the sale of and trade in certified tropical timber.

The Fair&Precious team is convinced that these partnerships will contribute to combine our efforts to promote FSC / PEFC-PAFC certified timber and to combat the illegal exploitation of forest resources.

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