News  |  18.02.2021

EKWATO : An innovative tool for companies in the timber industry (DDS, EUTR/UKTR)

The environment and digitalisation are at the heart of individual and business concerns; risk management is becoming, voluntarily or otherwise, both an issue and an essential key in managing the supply of wood products.

EKWATO : An innovative tool for companies in the timber industry (DDS, EUTR/UKTR)

Controlling the risk of suppliers and the origin of products corresponds to activities in the company (sourcing); the increase in internal or regulatory requirements can be perceived as a real constraint, or, on the contrary, an integrated daily progress lever through the company’s vision (purchasing policy) including its CSR approach.

Nowadays, controlling this risk for wood products means setting up a Due Diligence System (DDS): that is to say collecting the necessary information, analysing the risk per product, reducing the identified risk. The existence of generic tools makes it possible to initiate a DDS process and move forward.

However, in all cases, the company must then adapt the approach to its own situation: it must then, like any process, deal with its effectiveness, then its efficiency (cost), and recently its agility (the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for resilience).

Ekwato offers a complete, modular, collaborative online solution (digital) for the buyers/importers due diligence system. This solution allows, in particular, to automatically collect all the necessary documents from their suppliers.

Ekwato is also a platform for suppliers/exporters that make documents in securely available for its buyer/importer customers. This platform facilitates their information availability requirements (particularly for suppliers outside Europe under the EUTR, or for European suppliers under UKTR).

The Ekwato solution is already available in French and English.

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