News  |  22.04.2021

A new statutory team for COMIFAC

The Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC) has appointed its new statutory officers. ATIBT welcomes the new team and warmly thanks Raymond Ndomba Ngoye and Gervais Ludovic Itsoua Madzous for the work done under their mandate.

A new statutory team for COMIFAC

In order to replace the statutory officers who have reached the end of their term, the COMIFAC Ministers in an Extraordinary Council decided to appoint the following new statutory officers :

  • Executive Secretary : Mr. Hervé Martial MAIDOU of the Central African Republic
  • Deputy Executive Secretary-Technical Coordinator : Chouaibou NCHOUTPOUEN of the Republic of Cameroon
  • Administrative and Financial Director : Mr. François DAYANG of the Republic of Chad.

The last project launched is the ADEFAC project, which concerns professional training. It is conducted in close collaboration with the RIFFEAC and its coordinator Prof. Claude Kachaka.

In addition, the DynAfFor and P3FAC projects of the DYNAFAC collective ( are important in view to sustainable management issues. COMIFAC co-chairs the Steering Committee and ensures the coherence of the project with other sub-regional initiatives in order to capitalize on its achievements and contribute to a better management of Central African forests.

It should also be noted that COMIFAC is the contracting authority for actions carried out under the PPECF in Central Africa.

You can read the final communiqué of the extraordinary Council of Ministers here (In French).

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