News  |  07.05.2021

The "Wood Sciences" Research Group renewed in 2021

The RG Wood Sciences (RG 3544 Wood) created in 2012 by the CNRS, renewed in 2016, then in 2021, includes a federating working group "Tropical Woods" led by Kévin Candelier, Jean Gérard, Patrick Langbour and M-France Thévenon (BioWooEB, CIRAD).

The "Wood Sciences" Research Group renewed in 2021

This group aims to structure wood research in France, to contribute to the development of training in wood sciences, to serve as a relay for international wood sciences networks, and to promote links between research and socio-economic actors.

It is a community that now gathers more than 1000 members -all of them study wood, from its formation in the tree to its many uses, both in the past and today. Thus, the "wood sciences" are practiced by a large community, conducting fundamental and applied research, highly multidisciplinary. The diversity of uses of wood is increasing, making wood a material of the future that the scientific community must help to improve, both in research and higher education.

This is why the RG Wood Sciences aims to federate around 9 scientific themes:

  • Xylology (knowledge of wood)
  • Genesis and functions of wood in the tree
  • Wood harvesting and processing (including biorefinery)
  • Modifications and reconstituted products
  • Structural uses, heritage
  • Energy uses
  • Uses of wood as an archive document
  • Traceability and adequacy of resources and uses
  • Integrative approaches of the sector.

In addition to these transversal themes, there are federative Working Groups (WG) including "Tropical woods", but also "Xylotheque" or "Training".

The RG Wood Sciences organizes every year scientific days allowing a large part of this community to meet, and very regularly schools for beginners in Wood Sciences, as well as thematic schools. Moreover, the RG Wood Sciences also supports mobilities and can help to organize conferences.

The RG Wood Sciences is very active with a dedicated website and a weekly newsletter. The next meeting of this community will take place during the 10th scientific days in Montpellier from 17 to 19 November 2021.

For more information, see the Twitter of the RG Wood Sciences.

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